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winwin Lottery Result 2019 [Win Win Today Result Live] –

Win Win Today Result Live – Those of who have Kerala lottery online purchase will get the win-win lottery result today. Since there are numerous lotteries that are given and the game is organised by the state government through www.kerelalotteries .com. Therefore we will share all the details about Kerala lottery online purchase as well as win-win lottery result.

Kerala Lottery Results Today Live Results [ Win Win W-474 Draw Number]

The weekly lottery naming win-win lottery 2019 will have results once a week. Therefore you can check the win-win lottery every Monday. The ticket is printed and the number of series is decided by the Director of the Kerela state lottery. The printing of the lottery is down under the Kerala government press. Therefore security measures are also taken by adding barcodes and some random numbers. Therefore you can check them from here www.kerelalotteries .com.

Kerela State Lottery result 29 lottery result
Weekly Lottery {Monday} Win Win Lottery
Lottery/ Draw number  W-474 
Prizes total number 8 prizes with a consolation prize.
1st prize  Rs 6,500,000/-
2nd prize Rs 1,000,000/-
3rd Prize Rs 100,000/-
4th prize Rs. 5,000/-
5th prize Rs. 2,000/-
6th prize Rs. 1,000/-
7th prize Rs. 500/-
8th prize Rs. 100/-
Kerela Consolation Prize Rs. 8,000/-

Since the Kerela state lottery government has its own publications. Therefore the Kerela Lottery tickets are printed in Kerala State Centre for Advanced Printing and Training, Trivandrum. Also, the number of tickets printed are under the approval of the Director. The design of the lottery consists of the Number, date, Name, Draw, ticket number on one side of the ticket. And on the other side, the Lottery consists of the how to claim and the lottery prizes.

Lottery Results Win-Win [Kerala Lottery Online Purchase] – www.kerelalotteries .com

Also, we will share which necessary documents are required to acquire the prize you recieve from the lottery results win-win. Also, a minimum 30 % tax is being deducted from the prize amount. Also, the PAN Card, Prove Identity card all self-attested, as well as 2 photographs, are necessary to submit in order to receive the prize amount win-win lottery result. Therefore we will share the upcoming 20th August 2019 Kerala lottery result for the W-474 draw number.

Check Kerela win-win lottery 1st prize ticket number Check Kerela win-win lottery 2nd prize ticket number
Check Kerela win-win lottery 3rd prize ticket number Check Kerela win-win lottery 4th prize ticket number
Check Kerela win-win lottery 5th prize ticket number Check Kerela win-win lottery 6th prize ticket number
Check Kerela win-win lottery 7th prize ticket number Check Kerela win-win lottery 8th prize ticket number
Check Kerela win-win lottery consolation prize ticket number BUY weekly Kerela win-win lottery tickets

Since the win-win lottery is not very expensive to buy, therefore you can buy them from 20/-, 30/-,50/- respectively. Therefore you can keep Kerala lottery guessing and apply your luck, who knows you might become the next lucky person to win the Kerela win-win lottery 1st prize.

[] Lottery Result Today Last 3 Number

Since the last Kerala lottery results today live results were on the date 13th August 2019. Therefore the upcoming weekly results of the www Kerala lottery result today last 3 number will soon be announced. Also, you can check the other 29 lottery result from the link we provide you. You can check Kerala lottery result live tv or can get the Kerala lottery facebook also.

Kerela Win-Win lottery 20.8.2019 result  Kerela Win-Win lottery 27.8.2019 result 
Kerela Win-Win lottery 03.9.2019 result  Kerela Win-Win lottery 10.9.2019 result 
Kerela Win-Win lottery 17.9.2019 result  Kerela Win-Win lottery 24.9.2019 result 

Therefore for the upcoming next month, weekly win-win lottery results can be downloaded here. The Kerala lottery result pdf format is available on the official web portal. Therefore you can check it from here. Alos we will share the updated win-win lottery result today and weekly lottery results win-win live to you.

Kerala Lottery Guessing [Weekly lottery result] 20.8.2019

So those who have purchased the lottery will not have to wait for their luck to shine. Since the weekly Kerela lottery might make you earn lakhs. You can, therefore, make your dreams come true with such a handsome money. The official web portal www.kerelalotteries .com guides the citizen to redeem the prize amount. the receiver and the sender’s active bank details are important to provide. Therefore you must first check that which weekly lottery has made you lucky. Therefore check in the below table the Kerala lottery online purchase results.

Kerela Win Win Lottery Result Monday
Kerala State Karunya Plus (KN-227) Result Thursday
Kerala State Karunya (KR-359) Lottery Result Saturday
Kerala Akshaya (AK-359) Lottery Result Wednesday
Kerala NIRMAL WEEKLY LOTTERY (NR-83) Result Friday
Kerala State POURNAMI (RN-353) Lottery Result Sunday
Kerala Sthree Sakthi (SS-120) Lottery Result Tuesday

Since the Kerela Win-Win Lottery result will soon be available on the 20/8/2019 this month. Therefore you can check the Kerala lottery result live. We also share the links of the Win-Win lottery as well as other Kerala lottery result. S you can check 29 lottery result as well as download Kerala lottery result 2 3 2019 from here.

Click Here to know regarding the win-win Lottery Result 2019. Also comment below for any assistance and query related to Kerela state lottery.

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